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Static Problem/ Centroid (Spanish)

On my intent to make good use of my math skills, I came up with this blog hoping to get any student heading to advanced math to have a better understanding of approximation and/or integration. I’m now in the process of developing this integral calculator with VBA and Excel (Centroid/ Area Calc.)  See details of this and other templates below:

Centroid/ Area Calculator I completed this table as I was heading to Calculus III in my career. I used it on most of my WebAssign homework. The table solves problems involving Definite Integral, Centroid, Graphs’ Critical Points and Approximating Integration by Simpson, Trapezoidal, Midpoint, Etc.

Loan Amortization Schedule/ Loan Tracker is a loan mortgage template that does both loan amortization schedule and loan tracker. Users submit their payments on a monthly or bi-weekly basis, then the table displays the account summary on the status bar.

Monthly Bills Tracker is a simple template that uses both dates and colors to remind users about the status on their monthly bills, so that they may keep track of their payments dates. Access Code There this a common access code for all templates, required to execute commands. Users do have a 15-minute grace period, with full access to all features, from the time they open a template.


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